Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Qualifications For Adviser To Leaders of Nations, Religions and Media

Dear President Bush and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Other World Leaders; March 5, 2008

Subject: My Qualifications For Adviser
To Leaders of Nations, Religions and Media

God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom. It will take someone with knowledge of those solutions written in His word in the Bible and confirmed in His word to prophets known from many religions, to solve the problems. By conveying God’s correct reading of their Holy words in a manner that they can be understood by people of all nations and religions, we can begin a process of unity in unity instead of unity in diversity, which has not worked. By all nations seeking God’s truth, we can put war aside as we seek peace with all nations, each heading for the same goal.

I have sent solutions to world leaders, but they don’t know how to implement them or how to coordinate them between religions and governments. That is why I want to be an adviser. Many letters sent are in my website: http://www.divine-way.com

In living by the word of God as written, I have acquired skills needed by the president, National Security Adviser, Homeland Security Director, military advisers, UN, EU, religions and media leaders. The only first step acceptable by God is turning to desire His will be done on earth, as His will is done in heaven. It can be done within the framework of the present Constitution. Until that is done, God has promised that every man’s hand will be turned against his neighbor

Understanding and Correction Bring Peace

This letter includes part of a letter I sent to President Bush on July 8, 2007 when he was looking for a Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference. I did not send it as my application, but as information on what is needed to bring peace to Islamic nations and all people.

I have altered some of the letter and present it now as: My Qualifications For Advisor To Leaders of Nations, Religions and Media

All governments, religions and media are powerful to either bring our culture to greatness, peace and unity or to contribute to an angry, critical people. I believe you will find me to be a great influence. I would like to be the adviser to take you beyond your expectations.

As Marie Kalivas I was born in Peabody, Massachusetts on August 16, 1944. Now, as Marie Devine, I am a 63 year old woman, widowed about fifteen years. A variety of work and life experiences have prepared me to understand many areas of life. I graduated from Masuk High School in Monroe, Connecticut in 1962 with Business Courses.

Kansas City, Missouri has been my home for almost 11 years, mostly in the North East Historic District. I came here from Vermont after living in Israel-Palestine for fourteen months (September 29, 1995 to November 26, 1996). I lived in the homes of Christians, Jews and Muslims.

My political outlook is that we are at a great crossroad and the outcome of our choices will be amazing … for the good or the bad.

I know that the skills I have are unique and powerful. They come from a path I chose in August 1990; it was one of in-depth focus on holy writings of many religions and a strong focus on current events in governments, religions and world events and the connection between them. There are easy workable solutions.

These skills we need in our president, National Security Adviser, Homeland Security Director, military advisers, counter-terrorism advisers, United Nations and European Union leaders as well as our own citizens. We only need to lift truth into view.

Needed Skills:
• We must have knowledge of the root causes of conflicts including terrorism.

• We must have knowledge of various holy writings and how to coordinate and communicate correction in each religion without antagonizing the people. It is not difficult, we only have to stay with “It is written in your holy book.”

• We need to be followers of holy writing. Someone who knows God is real is not going to follow someone who thinks He doesn’t exist.

• We must be people who can see and hear all sides of a disagreement.

• We must be people that can be trusted to be impartial regarding nation or religion, being able to let truth lead to the common good.

• We must convey trustworthiness and true caring for all sides.

• We must appear in dress not to be antagonistic or dangerous to any religion or people.

I have these skills: they come from loving God and loving mankind, (in that order) and being willing to see that God’s wisdom brings good results with no sorrow added … man’s wisdom is destroying our environment, our physical and emotional health, our family relationships and our peace.

I don't need a position or title, but I would like to be an adviser. God has prepared the way with prophecies in many sacred writings. We could end wars and find unity of purpose.

God Bless You,

Marie Devine
3023 Montgall Ave
Kansas City, Mo. 64128-1527 USA

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